Tuesday, January 16, 2007

what i have learned today

-mtv dance is hysterical--i woke up early to go to the gym before a day spent entirely in lectures, and sure enough, there was a station on that was entirely women dressed in workout clothes dancing to bad techno.
-the fire alarm is bound to go off when i am in the shower: sure enough, we had a fire alarm today when in the crofton. the fire alarms here don't go off in the bathrooms, rather, i had to stick my naked ass body out of the doorway to ask my roomate (who had a random boy in her bed) what was going on. strong choice.
-big ben actually refers to the bell at the top of the clock, not the entire building itself.
-4 hours of lecture anywhere in the world is boring: self explanatory
-i like going to bars to chat up british people, rather than feeling like a wet blanket with the american students i have met. i found a super cute pub tonight that plays live piano music every night.
-seeing lucy woolley today gave me a serious boost in confidence: i was definitley lacking in feeling like myself, so this was a great treat, and it was fun to see where she lives and meet her boyfriend. they took me to my first pub "the smoke room" which was really fun and i tried mangers, this cool hard cider which was super tastey.
ok, that's about it for now

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