Saturday, January 13, 2007

london in an hour...

i leave the house in a little under an hour for london. i'm a combination of nerves, anxiety and excitement, but right now mainly nerves. i'm definitley ready to be settled.
all my things are packed, and of course despite how hard one tries to pack lightly both my suitcases are full to the brim--and i thought i did well too!
it's been sad saying goodbye to people and it's nice to know that four monthes will fly by, i just hope i can take advantage of everything while i'm there. frankly though, right now, it is nice to know that the time will go quickly, but i'm sure that will change immediately once i get there. i'm looking forward right now to seeing this amazing housing that i supposedly have, and meeting my roomates. tomorrow will be a lot of that really awkard introduction stuff, and getting acquainted. all the things i want to do and try are so many right now, that i can't even begin to list them.
ok, i'm going to go hang out around the house now.
wish me luck...!

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